David Nicholas (guitar), Matthew McGarraghy (guitar) and Davis White (percussion, keyboards) weave melody and ambience with meditative rhythms to form the instrumental sound of Sansyou. In August, 2016 the Washington DC based trio released a full length collection of evocative and introspective music; The Glistening One, on Moon Sounds Records (MSR031CD and MSR031CS cassette).
The Glistening One tells eight soundscape stories with more elaborate production and new flavors including the first appearance of spoken word in a Sansyou composition. The songs take unexpected twists and turns in the most complex and satisfying recording for the band to date. The video for the first single, Let It Expand showcases the overlooked and beagle-friendly greenspaces of Washington DC.
Two of DC’s finest contribute their talents to the recording; acclaimed photographer Nalinee Darmrong provides the original image for the cover art while engineer Burleigh Seaver’s mastering skills yield the finishing glimmer.
Like 2013’s The Dilettante, and the 2011 debut, When We Become Ghosts, the new songs “…have a more understated elegance…than traditional dream pop or post-rock. This is music for ears that appreciate thoughtful, layered sounds that unspool gently and gradually, and are rich with both melody and possibility.” -The Vinyl District